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Precision time in RCDB-SkyNav

RCDB SkyNav timestamping precision was improved for sensors that use a custom precision time format.

Comparison of protocols JETI Duplex and Duplex EX

The aim of this article is to compare original JETI telemetry protocol with its newer protocol JETI Duplex EX. Duplex EX is far from being new, but nevertheless I have not seen a comparison of those two. Tha articel will focus on the practical part, without getting into too much details (those can be found at JETI model homepage.

RCDroidbox Released on the 9th September

RCDroidBox has fulfilled requirements of CE certification as well as demands of modellers who were involved in beta-testing. It has been manufactured and will be available through JETI model retailers within short time. Installing the RCDroidBox Android application from Google Play gives you the fully featured demo, which allows you to explore all the RCDroidBox solution combinations just as if you were actually using the Bluetooth adapter.

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