RCDroidBox - FAQ

Why is aplication talking to me like Stephen Hawking?
Speech synthesis is implicitly used for Alarms and Reports. If such synthesis is not available in your phone, the application usually aromatically switches to use voice samples instead. In some cases, the phone falsely reports that speech synthesis is present. When RCDB uses it, it results into distorted voice - this used to be a case for Samsung Galaxy III.
In such cases, you should choose to use voice samples in the settings. Settings -> Alarms/Reports -> Disable voice synthesis. This will solve the problem for Czech, English and German

How can I save just part of a graph?
You can choose begining part by swiping down in the graph area, end bu swiping up. The selected area can tehn be saved using i>Menu -> Save selection.
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGURw14r7vI

Is it necessary to power RCDB using a separate batery or can I use transmitter battery?
Because of safety reasons, RCDroidBox has to be powered from a power source separate from the transmiter. JETI modules are used by many people in different RC transmitter types, each with different inside. In order to make sure this works, we would need to investigate each RC transmitter separately. That would be complicated not only from a tehnical standpoint, but mainly from a legislative standpoint. Nevertheless we have designed RCDB to be able to cope problematic connection, so even if somebody tries this, it ill most likely not do any harm.
However as said before, we cannot guarantee that and user should follow RCDB manual while installing.
RCDroidBox equipped with low power alarm, intelligent LiPo protection and a sleep mode.

Can I have RCDroidbox connected together with a JETIBOX?
The answer differs for EX and not-EX systems.
non-EX systems : It is not supported.
The reason is that JETIBOX is periodically sending status of its buttons, even though none is pressed. In non-EX mode, RCDroidBox needs to have control over the JETIBOX menus as well and therfore has to send has to send of its buttons.
If RCDroidBox and JETIBOX are connected in parallel, there might send a conflicting state of their buttons.
his could lead to wrong movement in JETIBOX menus.
EX-systems : Supported if "Use Only Ex Stream" is crossed. USer will have no access to JETIBOX in App.
With EX system, RCDroidBox does need to have control over the JETIBOX buttons, it is only listening on the incoming EX stream. JETIBOX has full control over the menu navigation.

Appliction is repeatedly crashing, what should i do?
Okno padu aplikace v systemu Android
There are many Android phones and Android versions. We are testing application with all the major models, but we cant do this testing for every single phone.
If the crash happens, just send us the Crash Report and we will make sure the problem is fixed even for your phone.

RCDroidBox i turning itself off, even though my battery is fully charged
Check settings in Settings -> Power. If you are using LiPo batteries, application can auto-detect number of cells and set the warning and shutdown level automatically. When using other battery types, warning and shutdown levels should be set manually.

Read values are too precise. For example I am not interested in height reported with 10cm precision..
Reporting values after the decimal point an be turned off in Models -> Sensors -> Variable

Is it possible to connect RCDroidBox directly to a wireless BT headset?
Direct connection is not available. Connection to BT headset has to go through the phone.
RCDB transfers data to the phone, where they are converted to speech. This is then reproduced by the phone speaker, or in the headset.

I am interested in receive battery voltage, how can I see this value in RCDroidbox?
The receiver battery voltage is available only in the JETIBOX Rx Menu, and is not a sensor as such. This information is not transmitted in the EX packets so it is not accessible to RCDRoidBox. the only possibility is to use a separate voltage sensor.

CanI try the application before buying the RCDroidBox hardware?
Yes, RCDRoidbox Application contains prerecorded demo telemetry data. This data can be used to test how will RCDroidBox suit your needs. Before you have paired with actual RCDRoidBox device, application gives you a choice to run demo instead of trying to connect to the RCDB

Can I use JETI Ext connector for power supply of RCDroidBox?
This is unfortunately not possible. JETI Ext. connector is limiting maximum current (ca 30mA). Even though the average current consumption of RCDroidBox is not a problem, BT connection is creating short peaks in current consumption, those are limited by JETI Ext protection, leading to voltage drop and RCDroidBox reset.

Why are some sensor marked as "Unknown" ?
It takes long to identify sensors, is that normal?
At the first connection with a new model, application is showing some variables as Unknown. This is dictated byt he EX protocol which transmit values more often than their description. Depending on how many variables is the sensor measuring, it can take up to several minutes to receive description of all of them.
The user is informed about this with a popup "New sensor was detected". While the application is waiting for sensor descriptions, the user is informed about this stat by a small "S" with yellow background in the status line.
Successfully described sensors are stored in application, so when the same model is connected next time, all variables are accessible instantly.

Why is application not showing my sensor?
1. Check that the status line at botom of the screen is "all green". This means that text Bluetooth-RCDB-TLM has a green background. This means RCDB is receiving telemetry data from the RC Transmitter and it has also active connection with the phone.
2. If everything is ok according to the point 1, the best way is to solve the problem with our assistance.
- Turn on the Transmitter, receiver, sensors etc.
- In application, cross Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Log data into file
- Go to Connect in main menu.
- Wait for approximately 5 minutes.
- Leave telemetry.
- Leave RCDroidBox Application.
- Locate folder rcdroidbox on the memory card of your phone.
- Here locate a file of a name similar to jeti2014-01-07 20-45-29.dat.
- Send this file to info@jataya.net together with a problem description.

RCDroidBox is stuck in SkyNavigator mode
RCDB application so far allows the user to lock himself out by switching the SkyNavigator and then deleting the only model from the application. As the usual switch beween SkyNavigator and Telemetry mode is in under the model menu, deleting the only modle will make it inaccessible.
To get back to telemetry mode(which will in turn allow you to create a new model) you can do the following:
a) Connect your TX, turn on RX in the model, connect to the RCDB using Telemetry. I will recognize that SkyNavigator packets are being received instead of the Telemetry packets and it will offer to switch to telemetry mode.
b) If (a) doesn't work, then use the reset PIN reset procedure for your rcdb. This will also reset the RCDB mode to telemetry.

My new RCDroidBox for DC/DS immediately turns off claiming voltage is too low.
You need to fully charge battery of your DC. Than it will be possible to connect to the RCDB. After first connection, application will ask you to perform firmware upgrade. Do the firmware upgrade.
From now on, your RCDB will detect all voltages correctly and will be always on as long as your DC is on.

SkyNav is not working for me when using jeti DC/DS transmitter.
In order for SkyNav to function properly, RDCB it needs to know whether it is connected to a JETI module or to a DC/DS transmitter. You need to choose appropriate setting in Models//SkyNavigator/Connect

If you can't find answer to your question, send an email to info@jataya.net